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Mortgage Checklist

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Checklist of Items to Speed up the Loan Process


Once you find your home in Ellis County you will want to move quickly.  The best way is to be prepared before you actually find they home by having your loan check list of items ready for the loan officer.  


The items below are things the borrower should have readily available for the Loan Officer:


Employment Information

____ Name and address of employers for the past two years

____ Copy of pay stubs for the previous 30 days

____ Copy of last two years w-2 forms (if commissioned or paid by 1099, copy of last two years complete tax returns)


Self-employment Information

____ Copy of last two years tax returns (personal and corporate);

____ Year to date P&L and Balance Sheet through the most recent quarter



____ Name and account numbers for all revolving and installment accounts

____ Name and account number for all mortgage loans for the previous two years

____ Name and address for landlords for the previous two years



____ Name, address, and account number for all bank accounts

____ Name, address, and account numbers for all brokerage accounts

____ Copies of statements covering last 3 months on asset accounts

____ Copy of most recent statement for 401K, Savings Plan, etc.



____ Copy of driver’s license and social security card

____ Copy of fully executed divorce decree if applicable

____ Copy of signed earnest money contract

____ Copy of lease agreements on rental properties

____ Veterans! Copy of DD 214 and Eligibility Cert. if you have it

____ Check for the cost of your credit report and appraisal

____ Power of Attorney if required


The following items will be needed from the borrower when PURCHASING a home. Please have them items readily available to present to the Loan Officer for their records, if asked:


_____ Ratified contract and multiple listing print-out (Realtor will have) 

_____ Canceled earnest money deposit check (front and back); or bank statement evidencing payment of earnest money deposit.  

_____ Sales contract on present home or settlement statement from sale of previous home if proceeds are needed for this transaction for either; money at settlement or to show as assets.  

_____ If currently renting, past and/or present monthly residence expenses; include contact person (landlord) and phone #, and complete mailing address for past 2 years.  

_____ Gift letter (provided by Loan Officer) signed by donor and evidence of donor’s ability to give funds (Have donor write a “Cashiers Check”); copy of check (front & back) and then copy of deposit of gift funds.  


The following items will be needed from the borrower when REFINANCING a home.  

_____ Current mortgage statement(s)  

_____ Owner’s Title Insurance Policy  

_____ Copy of Note and Line Agreement of existing 2nd lien/ home equity loan if you will be subordinating it.




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