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Land & Horse Property

Land - Recreational, Horse, Large Animal, or Residential

Land has many uses and
Ellis County has available acreage for all needs.  We have tree farms, horse farms, place where you can raise FFA animals.  Ellis County has trees, creeks, rolling hills, and ponds if that is your wish for a home site or acreage to raise animals, ride, or enjoy 4 wheelers.  We also have flat land if that better fits your needs.  Ellis County has very specific rules for building homes on acreage.  You need to work with an agent to ensure your interests are protected.  If you own more than 10 acres many of the rules do not apply.  Contact me to discuss the Ellis County rules in more detail.  You should check with Ellis County about obtaining a building permit for the property before buying. 

General Rules for rural housing in Ellis County:

Land less than 10.01 acres
  • Must have 150 feet of road frontage
  • Must have a fire hydrant within 400 feet
  • If on FM road with speed limit of 50 mph must have Department of Transportation permit to put in driveway
  • Must have sufficient acreage outside of a flood plane to install a septic system
  • Must have sufficient area away from creeks and ponds to install a septic system
  • You must get a permit from the county to install a septic system, check with the county before buying.

Reasons you cannot build in Ellis County

  • Property is on a private road
  • Property has an easement as access with no public road access
  • Water line is not large enough to support a fire hydrant, normally 6 inch water line is requried.
  • Too many driveway accesses on FM road with 50 mph speed limit
  • No line of site for 400 feet on FM road with 50 mph speed limit

Remember all Home Builders are no longer registered with the State.
Make sure you know your builder. 
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