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Helping Kids Adjust

Tips for helping kids adjust to relocating
Whether you are moving across town, or across the country, downsizing or upgrading, the adjustment can often be stressful. The change can be overwhelming to every member of the household-especially to children. Here are some tips for helping your child navigate the moving process.

Keep it positive. No matter what the reason is for your move, speak positively about the transition. Try to encourage excitement about the new adventure.  Talk about the move. Listen to any fears or concerns they may have. Determine solutions to alleviate any anxiety.

Let your children be part of the decision process. Once you've narrowed down your home search, take them to visit potential homes or neighborhoods.  Be a tourist in your new area. Take the kids to local attractions, whether it is a mall, amusement park, aquarium or movie theater. Show them what makes the new neighborhood so appealing.  Help your kids build their social network by enrolling them in sports, clubs and activities, before school starts if possible.

Make the new home familiar with their favorite things. Nothing says home like some staples that make kids feel safe. This could be a poster that adorns their wall, a favorite stuffed animal or collage of their old friends. Also, let them choose a paint color and decorate their new space.
If possible, once you are settled in, schedule a weekend to have old friends come visit.
Be patient and understanding. Give your children some time to adjust to their new home.

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