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Curb Appeal

How to make the most of curb appeal

According to the National Association of REALTORS?, 63% of homebuyers will drop by after viewing a home they like online. If your home isn't alluring from the outside, potential buyers may never schedule a showing to see the desirable features within it. Here are some tips to create a first impression that may lead to a sale.  The time of year may determine what you can do but every little bit helps sell your home.

Under pressure. Pressure washing is budget-friendly way to dramatically improve a home's exterior. Dingy siding, mildewed decks, faded walkways and oil-stained driveways can be returned to pristine condition.

Remove dead plants.  If plants look bad to you then think how they will look to buyers.  Remove or cut back dead plants.

Contain yourself. Consider investing in container plants. Arranging them around the yard and entryway is a quick way to brighten up a space and create a splash of color.  Another great place is in the backyard around patio, deck and swimming pool.

Get rid of gutter clutter. Clean your gutters. Often leaves, branches and debris may be visible from the street.  Plus when the contract comes in and the inspection is done the gutters will be ready.

Open up. Homes with open your curtains often look brighter and more inviting.

Enjoy the view. Clean windows speak for themselves.  No one wants to look at a view through dirty windows so if you have a good view make it shine.

Lighten up. Outdoor lighting is aesthetically pleasing and provides visual aid in the dark.

Quick fixes. Updated hardware, such as doorknobs, lighting and even the mailbox, can greatly enhance an entryway.  Look hard at the front door and trim to see if paint will help.  Maybe you haven't been in the front door in some time plus clean the front entry way since the buyers come through the front door not the garage.

Store more. Put away any tools, toys, bikes etc. out of sight so they do not detract from the home.

Repair and renew. Improve the obvious by filling in sidewalk cracks, fixing screen doors, and touching up any paint that is chipped.

Tidy up. Remember to rake the leaves and trim the hedges to give the yard a boost.


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